Will you be my love song
Lyrics of heartbeats and heartaches
Lines of jazz and blues
Be the chorus
Appearing many a times
Never leaving my side
You be the rhythm
Of the lines
Music of the soul
You bring harmony
To my thoughts
A melody in my moods
I guess
You’re already
Becoming my love song.

How are you?

You ask me
How I am?
“I am good
Life’s amazing!”
is the reply.
Its a reply by default
For anyone and everyone,
Who asks me
“How I am?”

Behind each
“I am good”
I hide the
Emptiness and hollowness.
“I am good”
Hides the loneliness
Of the doomed life.
“I am good”
Helps me put veil
On my pains and tears.

Behind each
“Life’s amazing”
I hide the
Silent cries of my soul.
“Life’s amazing”
Helps put up
A cheery Instagram and Facebook feed.
“Life’s amazing”
Keeps other souls
away from the depth of me.

I ask
“How are you?”
You say,
“I am good
Life’s amazing!”

The painted picture

I’ll just leave the painting of you there.
Untouched and untainted
Of the the spots that is there in you.
I’ll leave it there,
Just lying there,
So that when my heart remembers you
It still remembers you as you were
Pure and perfect,
Happy and innocent,
Carefree and loving.
Yes, the painted picture
That I keep is not true
I just hang it there
So as to save my heart
From yet another heartbreak
Too many cracks has already damaged it.
I am afraid this heart
Can’t take any other blow
It’ll shatter to never come back in shape.
Just let this picture of you
Hang in there,
Even if it is not true
For this is the only reason
That I’ll be able to
Live the leftover years of my life
With some hope,
Even when it is a disillusioned hope.
Allow this sweet lie to stay.
For some lies,
Help us complete the journey of life.

Smoke trapped inside a bubble

All you talk is about leaving

You say it’s life

“That’s how it’s supposed to be

Change forever

Phases of life has difference.

Let go.

Time changes,

Priorities changes,

And so do people.”

Promises are no more meant to be kept.

You are so convinced,

By the ideas of the norm

That your own belief

Is no more,

Yes, you are right indeed

Priorities change,

People change,

And so does life,

Because that is how you have accepted the world around you to be,

That is the truth that you want to see.

So it was all just

Smoke trapped inside a bubble

You just wanted an escape

Here, I let you go

The bubble is burst,

You are as free as you could be,

Dissolve in the air

For that is where you are meant to be,

And so does all the words

Vanishes in that same air

You are gone,

Your words are gone,

Your promises gone,

Ask me no more,

Because I am tired of this game

I can play no more,

Leave me alone

Set me free

As I have let you

Because all you talk about is to leave.


There are lot many things

that frightens me

I am scared of stagnancy

not because of the stagnancy itself

but the effort

that will be required

to move away from the stagnancy

would I be able

to move away from that stop?

I am scared to

take a break

What if I couldn’t ever walk

again from that break?

What if that break

is full stop and not just comma?

The Time

Another haunting dimension

Would I have enough of it

to get what I desire?

Its a dilemma

you know

Whether I fear time

and do everything I want

as I want

or shall I fear it

because if I don’t do

what I am supposed to do now

then it may take away the things

that I want.

I wouldn’t know

what time could take away

for it leaves us in oblivion.

But of all

Its the Fear that scares me most

I am afraid of being afraid


isn’t it!

but yes

I am scared of getting scared

Is it the worse fear,

The Fear itself?



It is a feeling,

That can stagnate you sickeningly.

When it comes,

It engulfs you,

It eats you away,


Inch by inch

Till entire of your

body, mind, soul and spirit,

are caught by its tentacles.

You run away to find cover,

You run to escape it,

But don’t be fooled,

for you are running in circles

inside the fear.

You try to solve it

How to come out of it

Fight or flight?

Because that’s the basic instinct

When confronted by danger

Don’t you flight,

Because you can’t escape it

It will be forever chasing you

And you will always be hiding

Its victim ever.

You can’t fight fear

By attacking it

Not allowing it to come.

Instead let it come,

Let the fear seep in,

Like you allow other feelings to come.

You embrace

Happiness, love, sadness

anger, jealousy, contempt

empathy, compassion.

Why not embrace fear too?

So let the fear come in.

But my dear,

The trick is not to

Let it settle down

For it’s just a guest like others,

Guests come and go.

Keep the exit door open

To let the fear out

We are not afraid of tasks,

We are afraid of feeling fear,

Let it tremble you,

Let it shake you,

Let it sweat you,

But you are strong,

This is your test,

Test of your strength.

Remember it’s just a guest

So let it out now

Let it out my friend,

Its vacation is over

Let the fear go now.

Concealed Yelp

Its been a long time

walking the path,

have travelled so far

but still so away.

The reason that’s prime

is thinking of aftermath.

Within there is still a war,

What to choose from the array?


The things that once seemed strength

now places a hindrance

All the trial to deny

seems of no help

I’ve stretched it to the length

that there is no back from the aberrance

Am watching everything fly by

With a concealed yelp.


Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
In the stormy sea,
Past the rusty waters.
Through the foggy
Misty wind,
Tearing apart
The obstacle
Out and within.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
Even if you see no sign,
And find no wind.
Hold your faith
And carry forward,
Steady and firm,
In between the icy icicles,
And the hot sun.
Farther off,
Till your sight,
Even if you find no shore,
Keep your ship sailing,
For the breeze
Might bring in,
The messages
You want to know.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
A little more,
And a little bit more,
You never know
How close you
Might be to the shore.
Keep holding
On your hope,
A bit more
Hold steady the
Strength to carry on forth.
For its only when
You thought it’s all lost,
That tiny kindle of
Hope brings in the win.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
Incoming is the silver line.