Why life?


Why the capacity to think?

Why the earth?

Why the diversity?

Why the discrimination?

What is the purpose of life whem the ultimate fate is to turn into dust?

Why such advancement if all that a living soul needs is food to eat, a roof for shelter and comforts of home and companionship?

Weren’t we alive as we are today when we were early human beings?

But why life?

What’s the use of it?

It matters to none in this vast universe.

It wouldn’t matter if the earth was dead.

The planets would have still revolved.

The sun and stars would still shine.

The meteors and meteoroids would still fall.

You see the life doesn’t affect the happenings of the universe.

Then why life?

If all that is meant to happen will happen anyways then why are we concious?

Why are we the concious souls?

And why even humans have been given such intelligence if all that we do is inflicting pain on other living souls?


Starry delights

Under the dark velvety sky

lies the dreams of many unconcious souls.

Starry delights

I sat beneath them

I too making wishes upon stars

in hope of my little desires being fulfilled.


The clouds running wildly over the sky, it frightens me
The blackness of the sky, it frightens me
The sound of rustling leaves, it frightens me
The large trees swaying helplessly, it frightens me
The fluttering of clothes hung, it frightens me
The opening and closing of banging doors, it frightens me
The howling sound of wind, it frightens me
The strong wind blowing, it frightens me
The lightening in the sky, it frightens me
The sound of thunder, it frightens me
The urgency of the raindrops, it frightens me
The sound of huge raindrops falling, it frightens me
The insane rapidity of wiper clearing the glass, it frightens me
The overflowing water, it frightens me
The overpowering forces of nature, it frightens me
Inspite of all these
in the entangled creepers of my balcony
a little bird incubates her eggs
with love, care and devotion
in the warmth of her nest
along with her companion lovingly helping her.
A bird so little,
it gives me hope.