Value of Moments

An immense joy I get

when I look back.

A smile as big as I can give

comes to my face

that it hurts

but that feeling,

such a bliss,

cherishing the memories.

Makes me feel

if I could hold back the time.

Its not possible I know.

Those times never

seemed so happy

at that time,

but now I feel

as if those were the happiest.

A sudden fear has befallen.

A fear of losing the present time,

that some day

in future

today will become yesterday

and i’ll be again feeling nostalgic,

but thats okay.

That’s how life is

meant to be,

to pass and go,

to save and share memories,

to move and create

new ones,

so that there is no stagnance,

so that there is no routine,

so that there are imprints of past

that will be cherished in future,

for that little smile

and a tingling feeling,

for us to realize

the value of each moment.

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