I am falling into the dark abyss
Deep down deep under
Down and down I fall
There seems no end to this depth
As I am falling and falling
With no stop
I tried to grab onto something
I found nothing but empty space
I am terrified of the impact of fall
I am terrified that I might injure myself beyond repair
What then?
Another motionless wait for the eternity of nothingness
Yet another fall with no end
And here I fall.


A walk in darkness

It is through the darkness that I am walking
All that lies ahead of me is darkness
I see nothing but black
But I am walking
Knowing not whether I’ll falter,slip or fall
Till now I’ve bumped several times
Each time picking myself up
And walking ahead
Many bruises, cuts and wounds are there
Some healed, some healing and some still fresh
I feel the pain searing inside me
But its not enough to kill me
All I know for now is that I am walking
In the darkness, into the black
But I am walking.

My shadow

I see ahead of me – my shadow
Dark and black
It’s mocking at me
Mimicking my moves
I try to run away from it
But it never goes away
It follows me everywhere
Haunting me
Tormenting me
Laughing at me
I changed places
I changed appearances
Camouflaging myself
Trying to hide myself
But it’s never deceived
It recognizes me, finds me
Ridiculing me at my failed attempts
I try to hide away in other’ s shadows
I try to hide in darkness
Only to find myself failed
And my shadow in succeeding
To push me to the darkness