I saw

Its a long time since I am wearing this facade

Its such a long time that I even forgot that its just  mask

In my conscious oblivion I steadily accepted it as my face

I was glad that I belonged somewhere and was not left out

I liked observing the people and their lives

If world’s  a stage than I  am the happy audience

I watched the joy, sadness, excitement, jealousy, love,hatred

I watched it all closely and intently for quite a long time

I saw it, the departing of loved at stations and airports

I saw the tearful departure of friends for future

I saw the love buds growing and blooming

I saw the young guy trying to make up for the fight to his girlfriend

I saw the love wrecking apart the lives of loves

I saw the life pass by

Life which was mine, it was just passing away

Lately have I realized that I am the only audience

So engrossed was I in watching that I forgot to live

And that I am letting my life getting blown away

Suddenly it has fallen onto me with a great thud

The realization that what am I trying to be or get?

Suddenly I get aware of the facade that I am wearing

It isn’t me

Whom am I hiding from?

What is it that I am running from?

Why have I turned my vibgyor spectrum into shades of gray?

Why is it that I have dimmed my resilient brilliance to a dusk light?

Why am I letting me be just an observer?

Why am I letting my seasons pass away?