Side by Side

In darkness and in light
I’ll be there with you
Walking side by side

Past the shadows
And the dark silhouettes.
In the pitch dark
That scares you
And scarred you the most.
I promise I’ll be there
In all those void
Holding your hands
Walking side by side.

If you see an eerie aisle
And you turn cold
And can see no more.
Just grab my hand tighter
And feel the warmth of my breath
And the beats of my heart
For I am there with you
Even in that blindness.

Don’t worry o’ dear
This sickening black will fade
And the light will come
And promise me one thing
When the transparency come
You will still hold my hand
Because for me
There is nothing as scary as such
Than the lose of ur touch
Because I love you so much.


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