Concealed Yelp

Its been a long time

walking the path,

have travelled so far

but still so away.

The reason that’s prime

is thinking of aftermath.

Within there is still a war,

What to choose from the array?


The things that once seemed strength

now places a hindrance

All the trial to deny

seems of no help

I’ve stretched it to the length

that there is no back from the aberrance

Am watching everything fly by

With a concealed yelp.



Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
In the stormy sea,
Past the rusty waters.
Through the foggy
Misty wind,
Tearing apart
The obstacle
Out and within.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
Even if you see no sign,
And find no wind.
Hold your faith
And carry forward,
Steady and firm,
In between the icy icicles,
And the hot sun.
Farther off,
Till your sight,
Even if you find no shore,
Keep your ship sailing,
For the breeze
Might bring in,
The messages
You want to know.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
A little more,
And a little bit more,
You never know
How close you
Might be to the shore.
Keep holding
On your hope,
A bit more
Hold steady the
Strength to carry on forth.
For its only when
You thought it’s all lost,
That tiny kindle of
Hope brings in the win.

Sail, sail, sail,
O sailor
Incoming is the silver line.



Falling down, down and down

From above the clouds

Jumping down from a cliff

I wanna loose control

I wanna leave the resistance

and embrace the flow with acceptance

Closing my eyes

Feeling the wind against my cheeks

So wonderful the feeling

I want to experience

So as to loose control

descending with a free-fall.