It is a feeling,

That can stagnate you sickeningly.

When it comes,

It engulfs you,

It eats you away,


Inch by inch

Till entire of your

body, mind, soul and spirit,

are caught by its tentacles.

You run away to find cover,

You run to escape it,

But don’t be fooled,

for you are running in circles

inside the fear.

You try to solve it

How to come out of it

Fight or flight?

Because that’s the basic instinct

When confronted by danger

Don’t you flight,

Because you can’t escape it

It will be forever chasing you

And you will always be hiding

Its victim ever.

You can’t fight fear

By attacking it

Not allowing it to come.

Instead let it come,

Let the fear seep in,

Like you allow other feelings to come.

You embrace

Happiness, love, sadness

anger, jealousy, contempt

empathy, compassion.

Why not embrace fear too?

So let the fear come in.

But my dear,

The trick is not to

Let it settle down

For it’s just a guest like others,

Guests come and go.

Keep the exit door open

To let the fear out

We are not afraid of tasks,

We are afraid of feeling fear,

Let it tremble you,

Let it shake you,

Let it sweat you,

But you are strong,

This is your test,

Test of your strength.

Remember it’s just a guest

So let it out now

Let it out my friend,

Its vacation is over

Let the fear go now.