There are lot many things

that frightens me

I am scared of stagnancy

not because of the stagnancy itself

but the effort

that will be required

to move away from the stagnancy

would I be able

to move away from that stop?

I am scared to

take a break

What if I couldn’t ever walk

again from that break?

What if that break

is full stop and not just comma?

The Time

Another haunting dimension

Would I have enough of it

to get what I desire?

Its a dilemma

you know

Whether I fear time

and do everything I want

as I want

or shall I fear it

because if I don’t do

what I am supposed to do now

then it may take away the things

that I want.

I wouldn’t know

what time could take away

for it leaves us in oblivion.

But of all

Its the Fear that scares me most

I am afraid of being afraid


isn’t it!

but yes

I am scared of getting scared

Is it the worse fear,

The Fear itself?


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