Smoke trapped inside a bubble

All you talk is about leaving

You say it’s life

“That’s how it’s supposed to be

Change forever

Phases of life has difference.

Let go.

Time changes,

Priorities changes,

And so do people.”

Promises are no more meant to be kept.

You are so convinced,

By the ideas of the norm

That your own belief

Is no more,

Yes, you are right indeed

Priorities change,

People change,

And so does life,

Because that is how you have accepted the world around you to be,

That is the truth that you want to see.

So it was all just

Smoke trapped inside a bubble

You just wanted an escape

Here, I let you go

The bubble is burst,

You are as free as you could be,

Dissolve in the air

For that is where you are meant to be,

And so does all the words

Vanishes in that same air

You are gone,

Your words are gone,

Your promises gone,

Ask me no more,

Because I am tired of this game

I can play no more,

Leave me alone

Set me free

As I have let you

Because all you talk about is to leave.


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